KiddyKeys is a music program for preschool children ages 2 1/2 - 5. KiddyKeys group classes teach music appreciation and piano concepts and readiness skills. The class teaches through a variety of activities that appeal to all of the different learning styles. Children will experience and learn about --

  • Rhythm and Movement
  • Notes and Note Values
  • Music Terminology
  • Musical Alphabet
  • Creative Expression
  • Keyboard Familiarity
  • Piano Improvisation
  • Listening Skills
  • Stories About Composers, Musical Terms, and Life Skills
  • Singing, Coloring, and Lots of Musical Fun!

KiddyKeys offers once-weekly 45-minute classes for preschool children ages 2 1/2-5. Classes are typically offered in 6-week sessions. Mixed age classes encourage older children to lead by example, showing younger learners new skills and behaviors. Because of the cyclical nature in which the information is presented, children can join the classes at any point.

What KiddyKeys ISWhat KiddyKeys IS NOT
KiddyKeys IS a weekly class for children age 2 1/2-5 who love music.KiddyKeys is NOT a weekly one-on-one traditional music lesson.
KiddyKeys IS piano-focused and gives children skills that prepare them for formal music lessons should they be interested as they get older.KiddyKeys is NOT exclusively for children who will go on to study piano. The curriculum offers a diverse range of musical knowledge and experiences: singing, dancing, rhythm instruments, coloring, storybooks, music terminology, finger plays, and even a bit of music history.
KiddyKeys IS a program that offers your child a chance to play at a piano keyboard each week.KiddyKeys does NOT expect practice time at home or that you even own a piano or keyboard.
KiddyKeys IS thinking about your child as a whole and works to include important, age appropriate life lessons (e.g. sharing, being polite, taking turns) in the classes.KiddyKeys does NOT present information in only one form. Children learn in many different ways, and so KiddyKeys strives to incorporate activities for aural, visual, and kinesthetic learners.
KiddyKeys IS aware that pre-school children learn through play, and so the classes are designed to appeal to a child's natural sense of creativity and fun.KiddyKeys is NOT going to have your four-year-old playing Mozart sonatas. However, your four-year-old will learn who Mozart is, the words to a song that spells his name, and that he gave us great musical gifts.


More than anything, KiddyKeys is a music program that knows that "Every Child Is A Star" and helps children to see that star quality in themselves and in the people around them.

You can learn more about KiddyKeys at www.kiddykeys.com. If you are interested in bringing KiddyKeys to your preschool, daycare, playgroup, or neighborhood, please contact me at libbywiebel@gmail.com or 703-244-4011.