Piano Tuning & Repairs

Pianos should be tuned a minimum of once a year. You can find a qualified technician through the Piano Technicians Guild – www.ptg.org. Several studio families have had MaryBeth Tawes (www.melodicpianos.com) tune and repair their pianos. I recommend her and use her services for the pianos at the church where I work.

Guitar Repairs

It is not unusual to need guitar repairs or service from time to time. The most common service I recommend is called a “set up” – the strings, bridge, and neck of the guitar are adjusted and the strings are lowered, eliminating some of the buzz that can happen when the instrument is played and also making the instrument easier to play. You can have a guitar set up at Guitar Center (in Seven Corners or Fairfax) or at Foxes Music in Falls Church. They will typically keep the guitar for a few days to do the servicing. For more serious guitar repairs or services, I recommend Foxes.

Piano Maestro

Piano Maestro is an iPad app that students use while at the piano. The app uses the microphone to “listen” to the student playing and gives students achievement stars and points as they learn and practice various songs and skills. There are fun background tracks to play along to and music from a variety of genres, including pop, TV themes, and musicals. Each week I get an email telling me the progress for the week for any students who have used Piano Maestro. Students are often able to use it in lessons on my iPad, and if you have an iPad at home, you may connect to my account.

Piano Maestro used to be available for all teachers for free. Due to increased costs for the company to purchase licenses for songs and to continue growing and improving the app, JoyTunes has gone to a subscription service. I have purchased a subscription for the studio that allows students to continue connecting at home for free because I believe that this app is a valuable tool for sight reading as well as simply increasing students' time at the piano. If you have an iPad, I would encourage you to install Piano Maestro and connect to my studio account. (For students who have school iPads through the Arlington School District, Piano Maestro was an approved app for download last year. If there are any problems installing it this year, let me know, and I will contact the school district.)

Unfortunately, Piano Maestro is not available for any tablets other than the iPad.

Click here to download Piano Maestro.

Other iPad Apps

Below are some of the apps for iPad that I use during lessons.

Apps for Young Students

Note Naming
Rhythm Practice

Ear Training

Creative Apps
Just For Fun (and for developing a strong sense of rhythm)
Sheet Music Reading on the iPad